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African influenced influences
collections All clasps, headpins and ear wires are Bali silver
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Bronze Age

Poor Butterfly

Bangles & Buttons


Yellow Bird

Jada Jada


Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Seven Steps

Sun God


Copious Copol

Kim's Necklace

White Birds

Bambi Meets Thumper

Be Bop Bananas

Sheena, Queen of the North Pole



Darn that Dream

Vogue Rules


Aliens Among Us

Cast Your Fate

Hebrons in Space

Balance Beam

A Note on African Amber (featured in many of these necklaces):
These are beads sold as "amber" by traders and include beads made of amber, copol, resins binding powdered amber or copol, resins, and plastics. Superb ethnic jewelry, including pieces from China, Tibet, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Mali, among others, are made from these "amberoids." It is hard to know the exact chemical makeup of these beads – but they have been sold around the world, and I can say they are "described as amber."
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